Here are two sketches i made while working for Deck13 Interactive on the game “Reading the Dead”. Sarah Carter is a tough but mysterious police detective. Her special gift is to read the last 5 minutes before dying from dead bodys by touching them.

“Reading the Dead” and all artwork are property of Deck 13 Interactive and Astragon Software.







Two layout shots for the Fraport serious game project “Space Tower”. Next step is their recreation in the gameengine.

Stella Maris is an adventure board game from Alexeij Dobschinskij, where you take the role of a spaceship captain who ventures into the far reaches of space on his quest for fortune and glory.
The game is a crossover between the science-fiction and fantasy genre.
I was responsible for the box cover illustration.

Three design variations on the design of the Snowqueens castle. It was used as stage design concept for a performance of the tale “The Snowqueen” fromHans Christian Andersen. see Svens page for details.






Merry Christmas!

new art for Free Skies my Bachelor-Thesis-Game-Project

This is an early concpet sketch for the “Free Skies” game Prototype we are currently also working on. Its a very open project at the moment. You can follow along here.