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Here is my preliminary work on the introsequence for a game called Labyrinth. I used Corel Painter and Blender and it took me a week to produce. Labyrinth was one of the other two ideas for my bachelor Thesis. Above is the initial sketch i made about six month ago.


Its an early character Concept for a “Serious Game” Prototype we are working on. For Fraport, the Frankfurt Airport Company.

This is the poisonous black snail. They populate Tristoy in and above the water. If you touch them or if you come in distance of their tentacle, then they will kill you with one hit. Else they are very pacific

Two turntables of a ZBrush sculpting. One in t-pose and clay-render and the other one roughly posed and with diffuse-map and my best try to use ZBrushes shaders.

It shows Incara the witch.  She is one of those who live in the cave by the sea. Freedan will encounter her in the prison of Tristoy. Most of her body is covert with salt, which is inspried by african tribes who cover their skin with mud, but put into a sea context. It gives strong visual and emotional contrast between black and white, fabric and almost bare skin… brackish inedible skin.