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The prison of Tristoy, somewhere in the ocean.

Another concept sculpting. It shows Stayn, the second-main-character from Tristoy. He was the former wizard of king Kahn and he was also the creator of the flying monkeys, which are the guards and keepers of Tristoy. When he trys to escape from Tristoy, he accidentally frees Freedan too. Each of the two main Characters has its special strength and you need both in combination to escape the prison of Tristoy. When you look at the Design, you will maybe recognize what their strengthes are. Freedan is strong with the legs and Stayn is strong with torso things. 🙂 no more explanations

Another two turntable animations of a ZBrush concept sculpting. This is Freedan, the main character from Tristoy. He is first born of the royal Familie.. so he is actually the prince of a beautyfull Kingdom by the sea. One Day King Kahn came and took away his beloved wife (maybe thats part of the videogame heros life). And he took on the quest to save her. Some years later he awakes in the prison of Tristoy with a bit of a headache, when the wall of his cell collapses and a grotek… hmmm no, that would explain to much.

Stayn in his workshop, where he makes the flying monkey for king khan This is a picture of the wizard Stayn. It shows him in his Workshop, where he sculpts the flying monkeys for king Khan.